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For the websites of the other people whose work is featured on this site (my illustrator, web designer, etc), check out my Collaborators page. 




WickedTheMusical.com: official Wicked website

GregoryMaguire.com: official website of Gregory Maguire, author of the original Wicked novel

StephenSchwartz.com: official website of Stephen Schwartz, composer/lyricist of Wicked 

UniversalPictures.com: official website of Universal Pictures, which produced Wicked 

IdinaMenzel.com: official website of Idina Menzel, original Elphaba on Broadway

KristinChenoweth.com: official website of Kristin Chenoweth, original G(a)linda on Broadway

MusicalSchwartz.com: independent website for Stephen Schwartz

SchoolClimate.com/BullyBust: official BullyBust website, an anti-bullying organization supported by Wicked




EverythingOz.tumblr.com: My Tumblr dedicated to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and all of its subsequent adaptations

Facebook.com/UnlimitedWicked: Facebook page of Unlimited: The First Wicked Society

WitchesofOz.com: recognized Wicked fansite

InnuendoandOutuendo.comWicked blog with rumors, interviews, and news

Fanfiction.net/Play/Wicked: Wicked section on Fanfiction




JamesPotterSeries.com: million-read fanfiction series about James Potter II, Harry’s son

VirtualGilmore.squarepins.org: fanfiction continuation of the show Gilmore Girls 

LizzieBennet.com: modernized adaptation of Pride and Prejudice