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Doesn’t Wicked already have a sequel? And what about Liir?

Gregory Maguire, the author of the original novel, has indeed written his own sequel. However, The If Duology is a sequel to Wicked the musical, which has a very different feel and ending than the book. The If Duology also can be taken as a sequel to The Wizard of Oz, which ends at roughly the same place Wicked does. But The If Duology is set entirely within the Wicked musical canon, which differentiates it from L. Frank Baum’s subsequent Oz books and sequels, such as Return to Oz and Dorothy of Oz.

As for Liir, check out the explanation in my Preface to If.


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Do you have any connection with Gregory Maguire, Stephen Schwartz, Winnie Holzman, or Universal Pictures?

No. I am just a fan, and this is in no way a part of the official Wicked franchise.


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Can I still enjoy your books if I haven’t seen the musical?

I’m so honored that you came to my site. While in my opinion, seeing Wicked first is the best way to enjoy my books, I have written them to stand on their own. There may be a few things that you find confusing, but you’ll be able to learn about the story of Wicked through reading my books, as my protagonist starts off not knowing the story of Wicked (or The Wizard of Oz), either.

I should also warn you that since my story was largely inspired by the final scene of Wicked, my books do contain heavy spoilers about Wicked’s surprise ending. That being said, if you’re comfortable learning the ending before seeing the musical, you are welcome to read my books. You can also check out a detailed (spoiler packed) synopsis of Wicked HERE.


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How old should one be to read your books?

The If Duology was written with a Young Adult audience in mind. If, the first volume, is best suited for ages eleven and up, and Only, the second volume, is best suited for ages thirteen and up. It should be noted that at times, the characters struggle with difficult choices that may be morally or religiously sensitive to some readers.


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What are the ships (romantic couples) in your stories?

For those unfamiliar with this fanfiction term, “ship” is short for “relationship” and refers to the romantic couples in a story. An example would be “Fiyeraba” (Elphaba/Fiyero). The If Duology was written to be consistent with Wicked the musical, so Fiyeraba is the main ship. Other ships will become apparent as you read further in the books. That being said, the involved ships are not the main focus of the story.


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Have you met any of the people who wrote Wicked, such as Gregory Maguire or Stephen Schwartz?

Yes. I met Schwartz at the stagedoor of one of his “Stephen Schwartz and Friends” concerts and have also met and corresponded with Gregory Maguire on a number of occasions. Both are truly wonderful people and have been inspirational in many more ways than just their works.


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How many times have you seen Wicked?

As of this writing, 12 times, though I certainly wouldn’t say no to seeing it again.


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