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Gregory Maguire’s Wicked concludes with both the death of the Wicked Witch of the West and an invitation to further explore the world she left behind. Mr. Maguire masterfully explores these themes in his subsequent Wicked Years volumes. But what of the musical, in which the Witch doesn’t die and she and her lover manage to escape Oz? Glinda has pledged to keep Elphaba’s innocence a secret, but she has no idea that her best friend is still alive. How do the citizens of Oz and the main characters of Wicked recover after the trauma they have endured? Do they triumph, or are they defeated by their pasts?


If – is the first volume in The If Duology and introduces us to fourteen-year-old Saguaro Throgelaar, who runs away to Oz to discover the truth behind her parents’ mysterious pasts.

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Only – picks up where If ends and concludes the story.

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Extras – are posts that offer more insight into the world of The If Duology and its characters.

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