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Extra: Glinda the Good Announces Engagement

THE EMERALD CITY – Thrillifying news for our favorite Good Witch! Yesterday afternoon, Glinda Upland held a surprise public speech, where she announced her engagement.


“I’m so very happified about this, and I hope you’ll be happy, too,” she told the audience, before launching into her news.


Unsurprisingly, Ozians could not hold back their cheers.


“I’m thrilled for her,” said Pfannee, a friend and former classmate of Miss Glinda’s from Shiz University. “She’s had a lot of bad luck in relationships, so it’s wonderful to see her happy. Glinda and I have been friends for a very long time, and I’m hoping that she asks me to be Maid of Honor.”


The man in question is Wroc Blemirro, a guard of the Gale Force, who became Captain of the Guard a few years ago. Though the two have only been dating since last fall, Glinda commented that, “Love doesn’t have a timeline.


“Gabry is still adjustifying to it, though,” she said, referring to her son, Gabryel, who is finishing up his first year at St. Ozma’s Academy in the Upper Uplands. “He only met Wroc for the first time during his spring holiday, since I didn’t want to introduce them until I knew that things were serious. Still, I have no doubt that Gabry will come around after he spends more time with Wroc. They’re alike in many ways, and I know that Gabry will love having a father.”


Boq Chopper, Miss Glinda’s tin assistant who famously accompanied Dorothy Gale, also commented that he was happy for her, though he did express concern that things were moving a little quickly.


In spite of her beauty and charm, Miss Glinda has had only a few serious relationships in the past. Shortly before adopting Gabryel, she dated Sir Chuffrey, a prominent businessman, and was famously engaged to the late Prince Fiyero Tigelaar, before Fiyero became involved with the Wicked Witch of the West. Although Glinda has publically stated that Fiyero was under a spell at the time and did not truly love the Witch, Fiyero’s parents, who disowned him, did not appear to share her opinion.


“This time is different, though,” she said with one of her characteristic winning smiles. “I’m finally getting my happy ending.”


We couldn’t be happier for her.


A wedding date has yet to be announced.


-The Emerald Times, 5/14/16



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